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 Single Strap Dolly
M5 - Shorty   M14 - 2-Strap Standard
On-Off in 30 seconds! New light weight aluminum bracket with machined turn buckle for easy on & off.
2- Strap Dolly
#33 Big Wheel Attachment
                      47” H Weight: 32.5 lbs         59” H Weight: 40.5 lbs
• Updates your present YEATS dollies.
• 10" wheels w/long wearing ball bearings • 4.10/3.50-4 4 ply rated tires and tubes
• Rolls heavy loads easily, smoothly
M9 - 2-Strap 4-Wheel
71” H Weight: 50.5 lbs For large or over-sized appliances. 4 wheels for rolling heavy loads.
For moving TV sets &
2-strap featuring 2 ratchets & 2 straps w/ 4 operating positions. M14F Felt Padding
M14P Plastic Padding
room A/C
M5F Felt Padding M5P Plastic Padding
    M7 - Standard
M16 - 2-Strap Tall
 59” H Weight: 37 lbs For moving all types of appliances
65” H Weight: 44.5 lbs
For large refrigerators or freezers
M7F Felt Padding M7P Plastic Padding
M16F Felt Padding M16P Plastic Padding
Felt Padding M9P Plastic Padding
19 Side rail base (specify L or R)
 2 Side rail (specify model & L or R)
20 Lower pulley
21 Axle
22 Wheel (complete
                      3 Spacer
3a Spacer bolt
4 Cross member (w/o thumb
with bearing) 22a Wheel bearing &
6 Side handle
23 Nose Plate (Lip)
    7 Ratchet handle (w/spring) 7a Ratchet return spring
8 Cross member
(specify model) 24a Felt pad set (comp.
   w/cement) (specify
 (w/thumb latch)
9 Thumb latch (w/bracket &
24b Lower felt pad
9a Thumb latch spring
10 Vertical shaft & holding
(for nose plate) 24c Upright felt pad (specify model)
   gear (specify Model)
10a Holding gear (only) w/pin 11 Dolly strap (web strap) 12 Dolly strap support rod 14 Top pulley
15 Glide belt slide
16 Glide belt
17 Axle bracket
18 Lip extension
24d Center felt pad 24e Rubber cement 25 Plastic pad set
     (comp. w/cement)
                   (specify model) 25c Upright plastic pad
(specify model & L or R) 26 Thumb latch w/spring 27 Repl. top handle
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