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                lauNDry kNobs & Dryer VaNes
  PoPular “D” stem
chrome Washer sWitch kNob for 1/4" 20 threaDeD shaft
Dryer timer kNob chrome PlateD Plastic
 with the pointer in the up position the flat of the shaft will be referenced as in a 12 hour clock.
No eXteNsioN WP355519
    knob removed
Replaces white knob with no extension (355643)
 (3392P688865) 9/16” Extension
coNtrol kNobs
1/4” D stem
                  Dryer timer kNob & Dial WP37001184
  used on Washers & Dryers with electronic controls
White iNsert WP22001664
leNgtheightWiDth mouNtiNg
flat Down 1/4” extension grey WP8181859
   1/4" D flat Up flat SkiRt
blue WP8181881
White Washer Dial WP33001621
for Washers & Dryers
  3" DialS Snap into knob
  grey kNob WP22001659
Dryer Drum VaNes for later moDels all DimEnSionS aRE inCHES
liD hiNge for atlaNtis
                     and other top load washers
  hiNge PiN WP22002751
 l h     W o.c. 14 41⁄4         2 121⁄2
Part No.
bushiNg WP22002753
                         17 41⁄4 17 31⁄4
2 12 15⁄16 12
33001004 WP33002032 WP33001755
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