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                EPOXIES & ADHESIVES
 A+B® EPOXY PUTTY is an epoxy compound with an easy 1:1 “cut-what-you-need” mix ratio. It is recommended for use in repairing, bonding, sealing or filling. A+B® EPOXY PUTTY will cure under water. It will not shrink or sag. Just mix equal amounts of Parts A and B and use.
   Machinability of A+B® EPOXY PUTTY is excellent. It can be sanded, drilled, tapped, screwed, stained, painted, sawed and carved. If a more rapid cure is desired, heating gently with a torch or hot air gun will shorten the set up time appreciably. SUGGESTED USES:
Repair cracks or holes in decks and broken tiles.
Fill cracks and holes in pool or spa underwater - no draining required - cures
Use as caulk between tiles and joints.
Repair cracks or leaks in porcelain or ceramic fixtures such as tubs, toilets,
sinks and tiles
Home or Office and Plumbing:
                   Carve and Shape
Repair breaks, cracks, or leaks in all types of plumbing fixtures -
metal plastic, copper, PVC, chrome and iron.
Repair broken fillings on all major appliances. Use as caulking in 9904 White
    bathroom or kitchen and as waterproofing.
Part No. Color 9906 Gray
 APOXI REPAIR KIT For repairing aluminum evaporators Applications
  • Kit contains 2 tubes of APOXI, vial • Repairs leaks in aluminum of methyl ethyl ketone, mixing evaporators
sticks and emery cloth. • Repairs leaks in copper to
• Cures in 12 hours aluminum joints and other metals
• Tested at 1500 PSIG with R12, R22 • Eliminates electrolytic action
and R502. HS12001 (APOXI)
between dissimilar metals Replaces: EP538
                  SPRAY ADHESIVE
     • 11 oz. aerosol can
• Fast drying, all purpose,
• Formulated specifically for insulation & duct liner applications • VOC compliant
• Wide web spray
• Temporary or permanent bonds
• Fast track - Quick adhesion
• Waterproof & non-staining
• Non-chlorinated & non-ozone depleting
 Seals leaks almost instantly in refrigerator evaporator and tubing. Creates a one component seal. Nothing to prepare or mix. Simply heat part to 400o, apply Seal Stik, and the job is done. Works on all metals.
                   11575 (95430 HS1)
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