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                general electric
ReFRigeRatOR paRtS FOR geNeRal eleCtRiC – hOtpOiNt
   DeFROSt timeRS – Call FOR QUaNtity pRiCeS
Wire terminals are Straight or Bent (S or B)
TM wires are Movable or Non-movable (M or N) Some are kits with brackets, adapters & instructions.
NeW Style all plaStiC
   part No.
WR9x520 15h 44M SN
WR9x565 10h 45M SN
WR09x10041 12h 33M       SN           NOT rEquirEd
Cycle Defrost Features
6h 25M BM
          8h 30M BN 10h 35M SN 16h 35M SN
   6h 25M SN
GrOuNd WirE
              aDaptive DeFROSt CONtROl
OlD Style WR9x330DS
  Board is
21⁄2 x 41⁄4 WR55x21623 (Wr55x10900, Wr55x10397, Wr55x11211)
    teRmiNatiON theRmOStatS
–Metal Motor– Visible Fly Wheel Movable Wires
  With Flat Clip
part No. limit WR50x45 45˚F WR50x50 50˚F WR50x55 55˚F WR50x60 60˚F
                  DeFROSt limitS With Clip attaCheD
    – Kit With StRap part No. limit ˚F
3/8” Clip
          l 64o - 41oF WR50x10071
l 58o - 30oF WR50x10025
WR50x129 50˚F WR50x10010 55˚F
  WR50x122 WR50x112 1/4” WR50x133 WR50x134 WR50x124
    72˚F Clip
     FOR exaCt ReplaCemeNt OR Fit-all ReplaCemeNtS
55˚F 63˚F 72˚F
   l 40o - 30oF WR50x10065
heat pRObe - aDD ON - hook on to
     Keeps heater drain clear of ice
heater Frame
into drain
check numbers on old control © 1971 - 2018 w.d. armstrong corp.

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