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                VAPCO CHEMICALS
No Hazmat shipping fees. Reduced freight costs (17 lbs. less wt/cs). Smallest Packaging: 52% less space. 1 Quart makes 2 gallons of ready to use (R.T.U.) coil cleaner. Save space, save money. Green: Biodegradable, smaller carbon footprint, envi- ronmentally friendly.
    Part. No. Description FMG-1Q (6602) Foaminator HPG-1Q (6608) HP Cleaner
 Starter Kit
RX11 COMPONENTS See Page 364
• Flush systems after burn-outs
• Flush line sets in preparation for retrofitting to new refrigerants
  • Flush systems before new component installation • Everything the first time user needs for flushing
• Enough to flush line sets on two 5 ton systems
 Specific for the treatment of the condensate water produced by today’s high efficiency furnaces. The condensate produced by these furnaces is acidic and must be neutralized prior being put into the drain. Some communities are passing regulations banning the discharge of acidic condensate.
• Neutralizes the condensate water, raising the pH to near neutral • 2.5" X 12" cartridge housing with 3/8" FPT connections
• Designed for gravity feed
• Product life about 1 year
                   • Temperature range 40°F to 100°F • Pressure range 20-125 psi
 Condenser coil cleaner quickly dissolves those stubborn, resistive deposits and oils that are found to plug coils, particularly those located in kitchens. It contains a
 quick-drying solvent with a pleasant scent!
Vital-Flo Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit
 Developed for descaling tankless water heaters. Everything needed for descaling is included: pump, two flushing hoses, bottle of Vital-Flo Descaler and a container, complete with a lid and pop-out plug.
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