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Sprayer 3 oz. 8 oz. 11 oz. Gallon
 WD-40 MULTI-PURPOSE - A computer age product prevents rust, corrosion, lubricates,
  Part No.
Description penetrates, displaces moisture.
    10000 (40301) 110108* 110054* 110078* 10110
       * Smart Straw Cans
 A unique concentrate formula containing micron-sized particles of P.T.F.E.
• Penetrates inaccessible areas to displace contaminants • NSF registered, H2 rated • Lubricates with oils, additives, and Teflon® to reduce friction and increase part life • Protects against moisture and corrosion damage; displaces moisture to prevent
                      icing; inhibits rust formation and corrosive build-up
• Rejects dirt, dust, sand and other abrasive particles
• Resists rust and corrosion, even under extreme conditions
• Effective from -60°F to 475°F • Keeps equipment running longer • Reduces costly breakdowns caused by worn and dirty parts
Part No. Description/Size
TF20025 Aerosol - 6 oz.
TF20027 Aerosol - 12 oz.
  A high quality, multipurpose white lithium grease. It has superior film strength, excellent water and heat resistance, and good corrosion protection properties. It performs in all weather and temperatures. A superior lubricant for pumps, bearings or shafts where washing solutions might be evident. WL-1(17-130) 11⁄2oz.
Weather-proof - won't wash out, freeze, gum or melt. -20° to +400°
                       FOOD-GRADE SILICONE
(70132) 11⁄2 oz.
  FDA approved non-stick lubricant. Food Grade Silicone sprays a perfect non-stick surface on ice machine surfaces, vending machines, coin slots, hot plates, slicing machines, and other food processing and packaging equipment. An excellent lubricant that prevents binding and sticking.
153⁄4 oz.
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