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 Residential Tankless Condensing Water Heaters
 Tankless Condensing Residential Water Heaters deploy the utmost in cutting edge technology. This indoor, wall mounted unit produces up to 11 gallons of hot water per minute. Designed for superior thermal trans- fer, increased resistance to scale formation and low installation costs. Built with efficiency in mind, this Tankless Condensing Water Heater boasts an impressive Energy Factor of .96 drastically reducing energy costs when compared to conventional storage tank water heaters. With instantaneous hot water and no storage tank, leaky water heaters are a thing of the past
   • Efficient Design – ANSI Z21.10.3/CSA 4.3 certified
• Eco-Friendly – Ultra Low NOx system, LP or Natural gas
• Digital Thermostat – Precisely controls temperature with outputs from 95°F to 140°F
• Energy Star & ETL Certified – Uses 14% to 55% less energy
• 12-Yr. Limited Heat Exchanger Warranty ,5-Yr. Limited Parts Warranty
                    TCWH180S-AS - 18,000 to 180,000 BTUs TCWH199S-AS - 19,900 to 199,000 BTUs
Residential Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters
  Heat Pump Water Heaters absorb warmth directly from ambient air and automatically transfers heat into the water in the storage tank via a compressor & an environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant.
• Complies with NAECA Requirements
           • 260% Efficiency Rating – Two times more efficient than traditional
• Heavy Gauge Steel Tank – Additional thickness, extended service.
• Inner Tank Glass-Lined – for premium protection from corrosion.
• Non-CFC Energy-Saving Foam Insulation – R-24 value insulation
• Magnesium Anode Rod – Ensures a longer tank life.
• Reduced Lime Accumulation – With low watt density Incoloy elements. • LCD Display – Intuitive, back-lit screen with diagnostics.
• Operational Modes – Automatic, Economic, Electric & Vacation mode. • Factory Installed Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
• Residential Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters Are certified at 300 PSI
          test pressure & 150 PSI working pressure. All tanks are 100%
hydrostatically tested at the factory.
• UL Listed & Energy Star Certified – Uses 14% to 55% less energy • Dual Voltage Capable – 208/240 VAC 60 Hz capable for use in
practically any residential installation. • Ten Year Limited Warranty
                  HPWH50G-AS Available in 50 Gallon Capacities
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