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Xpress Seal
    The fastest refrigerant sealant on the market. Unlike other prod- ucts, Xpress Seal travels with the refrigerant gas while other products travel with the oil. This allows the sealant to find and permanently seal the leaks faster. If there ever comes a time that the system needs to be opened up, after evacuation, no sealant hardening in the lines and valves. Ultra-concentrated formula will permanently seal small holes located in A/C condensers, evapo-
rators, fittings, and metal line sets. Perfect for split system, heat pumps, microchannel coils, packaged units, and mini splits. Compatible with all refrigerants except ammonia.
An epoxy that reacts to water and air when coming in contact with the atmosphere where it is leaking. If the system stays charged for one day when running, Xpress Seal will fix most leaks. If a system has not leaked below 15 psi, there is typically not air or moisture in the system. If there is air and water in the system, pull a deep vacuum on the system and boil moisture out of the system.
                    From a safety stand point, Xpress Seal doesn’t contain chemicals that can cause permanent blindness. Also, the direct inject tubes are designed with safety in mind. There are check valves inside the tubes to prevent accidental release if hooked up incorrectly or over pressured.
With Vapco’s CO2 direct inject system;
• No need to pump down R-410A units.
• No need for manifold gages.
• No injection hose or caulk gun needed. • 12+ injections per CO2 cartridge
XPS-5T (4050-08) Treats 1.5 to 5 tons XPS-SS (4050-05)           Treats fractional to 1.5 tons
Starter Kit. Comes with one direct inject CO2 gun, one CO2 cartridge, and one Xpress Seal 1.5 to 5 ton tube.
      • Triple Sealing Power • No Tools Required
• Flexible Hose • No Run Time Required
• Push Button Valve Allows for a Controlled Refrigerant Flow with
Automatic Shutoff (Valve Protection)
• Misting Orifice Prevents Liquid Slugging (Compressor Protection) • Compatible with All Oils & Refrigerants
• Polymer Free Formula • For Systems Up To 6 Tons
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