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                Return Air Sensor
Equipment Control Module
Wireless Sensor F145RF-1600 (Sold Separately)
     Wireless Comfort Interface
Provides Wireless Temperature and Comfort Control for HVAC Systems
Ideal where pulling wires is difficult and additional temperature sensing is desired. Color-coded LEDs on Equipment Control validates system wiring.
Simplifies Installation
Comfort Interface and Equipment Control are paired at the factory – nothing to configure. Wireless Sensor (F145RF-1600) is configurable for indoor or outdoor use.
                  Easily Reduces Hot and Cold Spots in the Home
Comfort Interface and up to 3 wireless temperature sensors can be located in optimum control locations.
Maximizes Comfort with Premium Humidity Control
Set and control humidification and dehumidification with the Comfort Interface. Optimizes Efficiency on Heat Pump Systems with Dual Fuel Control Choice of dual fuel control with wireless temperature sensor or by
   Dual Fuel Logic Program in Comfort Interface
Wireless Thermostat System
• Compatible with single & multi-stage, heat pump & heat pump with dual fuel applications • Reduce Hot and Cold Spots • Premium Humidity Control
• Easy-to-Read 6" Display         • Option to Add 4 Wireless Sensors
Part No. Description
1F98EZ-1621 Includes Wireless Comfort Interface, Equipment Control
                and Return-Air Sensor
F145RF-1600 Wireless Remote Sensor (Sold Separately)
 1F86U-42WF SensiTM Universal Wi-Fi Thermostat
    Easy to install
 No “C” Wire needed on most applications
 Universal application
Up to 4 heat / 2 cool
Simple to connect WI-FI No gateway required plus step by step support in mobile app Unique branding
Puts contractor e-calling card at customer fingertips
Great Value
                  Something to offer to all customers with no monthly fee 1F86U-42WF SensiTM Universal Wi-Fi Thermostat
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