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                iNDooR aiR Quality
 PRogReSSiVe MeDia aiR CleaNeR
Ultravation® Progressive Media Air Cleaners with UltraStrandTM media technology remove particulates as small as .3 microns! They have better capture capability yet match MERV 8 pressure drop characteristics. ultravation® Progressive filtration
• More efficient capture characteristics (see illustration): gathers large particles in the initial layer and
  progressively smaller particles in the filter interior
• UltraStrandTM MERV 11 100% synthetic, continuous, thermally bonded (no chemical adhesives), high
surface area media fibers. These high capacity fibers are formed into a progressive filter structure that has an initial dust spot rating of 51% with no more initial resistance than older technology MERV 8 media.
• Continuous fibers resist shedding, maximize holding capacity with no moisture absorption
• UltraStrandTM high surface area fibers with permanent electrostatic charge are unequalled in particle
attraction and holding capacity.
RigHt aNgle DeSigN
  The versatile right angle design cabinet with adjustable inlet saves space and simplifies installation. The cabinet opens on either end to fit any installation configuration.
  Finish: Light beige, powder coat Cabinet: 255⁄8" x 167⁄16" x 237⁄16" Outlet Size: 231⁄8" x 139⁄16" Inlet: Adjustable
Filter Size: 20" x 25" x 5"
uNDeR fuRNaCe DeSigN
   The versatile cabinet design ( weight capacity over 200 lbs.) with variable inlet & outlet size saves space and simplifies installation. Filter cabinet door can be positioned on either side to fit any installation configuration.
                    Model No.
adjstable Return furnace
90-035 90-031
42”x 281⁄2”x 175⁄8” 33”x 281⁄2”x 16”
10” to 12”x 24” Min 12” Max 19” 8” to 10”x 24” Min 6” Max 133⁄8”
Cabinet lWH
     StRaigHt tHRougH DeSigN
Finish: Light beige, powder coat
filter Size
16" x 25" x 5" 20" x 25" x 5"
90-006 90-007
163⁄4" x 251⁄4" x 73⁄8" 231⁄4" x 143⁄8" 203⁄4" x 251⁄4" x 73⁄8" 231⁄4" x 183⁄8"
Cabinet Dimensions     Duct opening axBxC Dxe
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