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 oNe Key ReMote CoNtRol
• 4000 different codes compatible with multiple air conditioning equipment brands • No programming necessary for several recognizable air conditioning brands
• User-friendly Auto-Search Code function • Bright LCD display
• Energy-Saving Feature (Sleep Function)
   • Clock Settings and 24-Hr On-Off timer
• General Lock Function to prevent undesired programming changes • Memory Function: settings are not lost during battery change-out
• °F Display and °C Display settings
MiNi SPlit CleaNeR & NeutRaliZeR
 Designed specifically for cleaning the evaporator coil and split/ductless systems. Dilute as required & spray, wipe, dip item cleaned.
Specially formulated an alkaline detergent with the strength to dissolve grease, oil, dirt, tar, lint, nicotine, etc. Will not attack aluminum fins when mixed properly. MINI SPLIT NEUTRALIZER is used to neutralize the alkalinity of MINI SPLIT CLEANER after cleaning and to prevent possible damage to aluminum fins from improper rinsing.
                      Part No. Description
661700001 Mini Split Cleaner gallon 661800001 Mini Split Neutralizer gallon
    a/C eaSy tee
 A simple, inexpensive way to comply with International Mechanical Code M32-12. It provides a Condensate Drain Service Port that is flexible and easy to use with nitrogen, water, or a shop vac. A/C Easy Tee has no valve or moving parts that could fail.
                    Part No. Description
et75 A/C Easy Tee
St75 Service Tool Kit, 3 Fittings
MiNi-SPlit iNStallatioN WiRe
• 14/4 Stranded THHN
• 600V • 250’ Spool
• Direct Burial listed by UL • Black PVC Jacket
     White Pipe Pre-insulated Refrigerant line
  UV Resistant
  Part No. Description WP1238-50 3/8 x 1/2 x 50’ WP1258-50 5/8 x 1/2 x 50’ Other Sizes Available
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